Building Intelligence


Building Automation System Analysis
Easy to use and priced to install on every job!


  • Continuously and simultaneously checks multiple variables on every system!
  • Analyzes the operation of your equipment!
  • Provides recommendations to improve operation and efficiency!
  • Connects to your Existing building automation system!
  • Reduces the time and labor it takes to effectively monitor your system!
  • Lower your energy costs, extend your equipment life!
  • Low cost, easy to use, easy to set up!

Easy to use templates:

  • Unitary Equipment
    • FCU - Fan Coil Units
    • HPU - Heat Pump Units
    • RHC - Reheat Coils
    • RTU - Roof Top Units
    • VAV - Variable Air Volume Boxes
  • Air Handling Units
    • Constant Volume
    • Variable Volume
  • Central Equipment
    • Boiler Plant
    • Chiller Plant
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Heat Pump Loop
    • Pumping Systems

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